Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daily Sketch - Life sketching and Priestess update

March 20 - Drawing from pictures of models.
WIP update on my Priestess Sketch from before. Working on the lineart and more on the silhouette.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily (Not really) Sketches

Elf Warrior - Feb 18 2013
Seems like I like to draw a lot of Fantasy. Nothing special just an elf in a different pose than what I am used to.
SciFy Brawler Chick - Feb 19 2013
Was thinking a lot of creating a fighter character and this is the result.
Girl Sketches - Feb 24 2013
Cute Fantasy Scout - Feb 25 2013
Wanted to create a character that I think would fit the world of a Miyazaki Film. Hopefully I did.
ScyFi Police Officer - Feb 27 2013
Wanted to draw a futuristic police officer. 
 Trendy Girl - March 01 2013
I was inspired by all the fashionable Korean girls I saw in a documentary about how much image is important in their society.
Female Priest - March 09 2013
I was inspired by a tutorial about Sculpting a video game character. The style was inspired by the designs of TERA. Hopefully I reach the goal of my character fitting in that world